Practice Areas

Family Law Practice

The reality of a matrimonial dispute is painful and emotionally debilitating. All issues surrounding your separation can create a complicated and contentious transition. Clients are always confronted with legal, financial and psychological issues that will impact their lives, their children, and their families for years to come. Therefore, you need a highly competent attorney with extensive trial experience, legal knowledge and complete dedication to represent you.


Business Law Practice

Jorge E. Hurtado, P.A. is a highly experienced law firm with 21 years of experience as a business and commercial litigation lawyer. Our law firm has served the specialized needs of small to mid-sized businesses and professional individuals. Through our international contacts and multiple professional affiliations, the law firm offers a multitude of legal resources to assist its clients in finding workable solutions for their business and commercial legal needs.


Criminal Law Practice

Criminal defense work requires consummate preparation, tenacity, and diligence. We commit our vast experience, skills, and knowledge of the law to each client searching for ways to avoid charges being filed or having the charges completely dismissed in some cases. In most cases, our defense strategy and preparation will help you minimize the prescribed punishment or obtain an acquittal after a jury trial.